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"Safe" Cake

I am in a cake group on Facebook and I also follow many different cake makers on IG. One thing we all do is search for and share cake recipes to be able to offer our customers unique & enjoyable flavors. You know, something other than the "safe" cake flavors: chocolate and vanilla.

I've made a Pecan Pie Cake that I thought was one of my best cakes ever! I just KNEW it would be a hit over Thanksgiving but guess how many times I've sold one...once. I also created a delicious six layer (yes, I said SIX layers people!) Chocolate Coffee cake that is chocolatey & the rich espresso flavor gives your taste buds a warm hug but not a single customer ordered it (sigh). Oh & my Pumpkin Spice cake topped with candied pecans will leave you wanting more but I've only sold a single cupcake order in that particular flavor. Bummer.

It seems that we are reluctant to try something new because of the risk involved. If you stick to a safe cake flavor you can be sure you'll be satisfied but you miss the opportunity to expand your tastes & potentially be blown away!

In life, we often choose to only eat "safe" cakes too.

We stick with what we know and can be somewhat sure of in order to not lose our contentment, predictability or perceived security.

I don't know about you but I want to try other flavors! I don't want to be like my 6 year old daughter who dismisses & rolls her eyes at a new food before even giving it a taste just because it's different from what she's used to eating.

Trust me, I know that stepping out of your safe zone isn't always easy or fun because life isn't a cake walk (pun intended). However, you owe it to yourself to discover your favorite cake flavor, not just what is easily accessible.

Automatically refusing to explore anything that isn't Vanilla or Chocolate, is what kids do! & You are not a child, you are mature, so consider & weigh your options. Develop a plan or strategy to do and be what it is that's in your heart!💛 Just be wise about it.

I don't want to stand by & watch others pick up their forks and dig in to their decadently rewarding cake flavors while I sit & regret being too afraid to ever leave vanilla and chocolate behind. There will always be more vanilla & chocolate cake in the world. Get yourself a custom cake, made just for you...& eat it too!😉

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