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Terms & Conditions

  • Please read and review Mom & Pops Cakes & More Terms & Conditions in full BEFORE making a payment for your order. 

  • Your payment will act as confirmation that you have read & agree with the terms & conditions of Mom & Pops Cakes & More.


  • Please be advised that food prepared at Mom & Pops Cakes & More may contain these ingredients: milk, eggs, wheat, soybean, peanuts, tree nuts and gluten. 

  • If you have any food allergies and experience an allergic reaction after consuming any of our products, we are not responsible or liable. Please do not order from us if you are subject to have allergic reactions to any foods. Your health and safety is important to us.


For Custom orders, specific payment deadline(s) will be stated in the electronic invoice that you will receive following your submission of the Custom order form. You will receive one payment reminder on the due date(s). **If the payment is not received by 5:00 PM on or before the due date, the order will be cancelled.**

For Cake in a Crunch orders, your payment will be due at the time that your order is placed.

Please plan ahead to be on time. There is a 10 minute grace period, however there will be a late fee of $5 for every 5 minute increment that you are late (up to 30 minutes). For ex: if you are 11-15 minutes late you will be charged $5. 16-20 minutes late:$10, etc. If you are unable to meet at the specified time, please notify us days in advance to see if it is possible to make other arrangements. Otherwise, the new scheduled pick up date/time will be made at our discretion. Late fees are due at the time of pick up & can be paid with cash or debit card.

If your event is canceled for any reason, you will not receive a refund, however, your payment will be transferrable to a new pick-up date WITHIN 2 WEEKS of the original pick-up date. IF we are booked on your new desired pick-up date, your payment will not be transferred and you will forfeit the funds that you have paid. Your payment can only be transferred to a new pick-up date if your order has not already been completed at the time of your notice of cancellation. Please notify us as soon as you are aware that your event is canceled or postponed.

In the very unlikely event that Mom & Pops Cakes & More cancels your order due to health, family emergencies or any other reason outside of our control, a FULL refund will be provided to you. 


  • While we do accept your submission(s) of inspiration photos for your requested cake design (or other dessert item), we aim to create a cake (or other item) that is original. Therefore, we do not guarantee that the cake or other items that we produce for you will be an exact replica of another baker's work.

  • Please be advised that when trying to reach your desired frosting color(s) we cannot guarantee that our colors will be an exact match. We will do our best to come within three shades of the color you've requested without sacrificing flavor.

  • When trying to achieve dark/deep colors, the frosting has the potential to develop a bitter taste due to the taste of some dark/deep colored food coloring gels. In an effort to avoid this bitterness, we use a cocoa based frosting recipe for dark/deep colored frostings such as red, black, dark blue, etc. to lessen the amount of coloring used. 


  • Mom & Pops Cakes & More is not responsible for any damages to any of the items you purchase after you have received them. 

  • We recommend that you refrigerate your cake &/or other items until you are ready to serve your guests.

  • Cakes and other items should NOT be left in a hot room or vehicle. Frostings & fillings have potential to melt in high temperatures.

  • Remove all inedible decor before cutting the cake such as ribbon, toppers, "bling", etc.

  • Tiered cakes contain dowels/wooden skewer-like sticks or thick plastic straws in them to support the weight of the tier of cake above it. This prevents the cake from collapsing under the weight of the tier above it. You can remove each support before cutting the cake or cut around it.

  • You will need a FLAT surface for the cake/cupcakes in your vehicle. We do not recommend having someone hold the cake/cupcakes, etc. on their lap. Placing the cake, cupcakes, etc. on the floor of your car where the item(s) will not slide is generally best.

  • Drive carefully & do not make sharp/sudden turns or hard, abrupt stops.

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