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Customer Reviews

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 Lord HAVE MERCY!! Deidra my entire family as well as our guest were thoroughly impressed with the taste and the presentation of the cakes! My daughter absolutely LOVED her Bojangles cake! It was the highlight of the day! The family birthday cake was such a beautiful touch! Thank you a hundred million!!-Stacy



Excellent cake and service !! Highly recommend !!-Tracee


"Thank you so much Mom and Pops Cakes for my cake. I loved every bit of my wedding cake from the design to the flavors. You were very professional. You made my wedding less stressful knowing you had did everything I wanted. I will be ordering from you again. Thank you again we loved it."-Lucinda



"I’ve had two cakes made and they both were so pretty and moist. Thank you so much and I will order again and again."-Tiffany

"The (strawberry & vanilla) cupcakes were great and perfect. Thank you for your amazing service! If anybody ever asks for a reference PLEASE send them my way." -Tamuria


He loved them and they (Vanilla PJ Masks cakepops) tasted great!! -Felecia

It was a last minute request (for a Vanilla pound cake with a lemon glaze) & Deidra was very professional and the cake was absolutely delicious! He loved it!-Pamela

The (3 tier cake with fondant ruffled rosettes) cake was so beautiful and delicious!! Thank you.-Brandy

Sooo good (Banana Pudding cake)! -Natasha

The (half Red Velvet, half Oreo sheet cake) graduation cake is just gorgeous, it was sooo good! Thank you so much. -Felecia

The (Vanilla Black Panther themed) cake was amazing!-Tanetta

The (2 tier Oreo) cake was wonderful! -LaShanda

My husband loved his cake. He said you put a hurtin' on that (Honeybun) cake! Lmbo Definitely one of our favs! It was very moist and had just the right amoung of icing! Oh and the birthday candle was such a nice touch....always satisfied! -Nichole


You definitely perfected your craft Deidra! I really don't think I gave you enough money for this (Strawberry Shortcake Crunch Cake) Smh...I'm at a loss for words. Thank you!! -Chris

Thanks for my order this week! My team sends you great ratings. The (Red Velvet) cupcakes were absolutely delicious." -Ytina

I tried the cakepoppers (Red Velvet & Banana Pudding), wow, delicious!  My co-workers love them! -Jennifer

It's crazy good! Order one (Lemon Crunch cake) you won't regret it!- David

It (Pineapple Coconut cake) was awesome, my grandma enjoyed hers for their anniversary. -Shantee

Deidra,  girl that (Pineapple Coconut Cake) cake was the bomb diggity, I gave two pieces out & the rest was mine.-Carolyn

Lawd have mercy it (Oreo cake) is sooooo good!! #yallbettergetyousome-Anesta

OMG, OMG Deidra, Deidra...those (Red Velvet & Vanilla) cake pops were a huge success!!! I think I"m gonna have to up the order to 2 dozen for the party. Those things are so moist and just the right amount of filling! Girl, not even a crumb was left...thanks again so much! And if you have any extras this week, let me know! I'll gladly take them off your hands!-Wendy

Thanks to Mom & Pops for my custom made Giant Cupcake cake (banana pudding cake). Thank you so much girl, I know you went through a lot to get those colors but everyone loved it. It went right along with the decorations, it was great!- Monica

Our cake was delish. Everyone enjoyed it. Thank you for making our Thanksgiving easier! -Angelica

Maaaaan that Caramel Apple Pie Cake was on fleek!! Lol Can I go ahead & place a Christmas order?? Lmbo!! Taste, texture & presentation...superb.-Jamaal

My husband's San Franciso 49ers Red Velvet cakepop arrangement were absolutely delicious and leave you wanting more! Definitely worth it!!-Nicole


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